Are TIF Image Files Supported?

Are TIF Image Files Supported? Each time I use the “File Browser” to upload these images, I keep getting an in issue, where I only see the file name in the data tab.

I have 2K+ images, that have (3) categorical labels.

Hello @Rajat2712 - would you be able to assist with above? I have tired a different approach and I still cannot get my TIF images to load correctly. I have 1.75GB of images and I’m trying to use the file browser to upload the data.

This is the CSV file structure I am using:


What am I doing wrong? I hope the next iteration of DLS is a bit more plug and play so that pre-processing and ETL are not so laborious.

here is my folder structure:

I have different “score” labels I want to train an auto model on, to then target the score.

can you mail us a small part of your dataset @ so that I can try this and let you know the solution for this.
The csv file looks fine.


Is this case resolved? I’m also having problem with TIF files. Is there any tip or trick about them?

My images were also not square sized, that might be a problem as well… But still not sure if DLS recognizes tif files…

Yes DLS supports TIF image and that case was resolved already.
and yes you can use images which are not squared but they should have same size if they don’t then you can resize your images in the DATA tab by clicking on the column and selecting the resize image on the right.