Can not start Deep Learning Studio on Ubuntu 18.04

I have downloaded deep learning studio for Ubuntu 18.04, and after going through initial problems regarding docker I have successfully installed it, and GPU status is also active but still, I can not start the software, In logs I got core dumped. How should I start the software successfully?
P.S. - I am running software in sudo.

sudo is not required to run the DLS. if you are using the AppImage version, you can run it as the normal user.

here is one thread where someone was able to run DLS on ubuntu 18.04

I am getting this in logs

Starting Deep Learning Studio…Starting redis-server: redis-server.

  • Starting nginx nginx
    /home/app/ line 32: 69 Aborted (core dumped) python /home/app/ 2> /dev/null

and the software does not start, it just keep on trying to start.

Can you provide some details of your host software ?

What is the Nvidia-driver version ?
Did you install it ubuntu repository or you downloaded and installed from Nvidia website ?
Did you install nvidia-docker ? If yes, did you install version 1 or version 2?

FYI, we have not seen this issue on our 18.04 systems.