Cannot verify my account. Confirmation email never received!

I cannot verify my account because I never received the confirmation email. I have been forced to create a dummy account –this one– to communicate with you (deepcognition) because I wrote two emails (one through the webpage support form and other from my email account) but never received response.
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find I resend button or something like that.

How should I proceed?

Thanks in advance!!

what is your email id and user name that you have used for creating account.


Hi Rajat,

My user name is “zancos”. I would like to avoid writing my email in a public forum. Can I send you a private message? How or where?


Hi Rajat, there is any new?

I am not able to send personal message to you here for the email verification so can you write us on and send us your email id there.

I have already sent two emails to support before writing in the forum, but I have not received an answer.
If this is the support I receive for such a simple incident, I consider that this is not the software that I should use for my projects.

Case closed.


Remark: if trying to capture institutions to work with your services, offering good support is a must.