Can't use any GPU aside from the first one in a multi-GPU system

Experimenting with DLS 3.0.1 Pro Trial on an Ubuntu 18.04 DL workstation with 3 GPUs, one of which is a Tesla card. It can run the MNIST sample project successfully on the first GPU, but any attempts to use specifically the second or third GPUs instead of the first GPU fail with /job:localhost/replica:0/task:0/device:GPU:1 unknown device. or GPU:2 respectively. Can’t mix them with the first GPU either, same error message.
So Multi-GPU training doesn’t function, and it seems like there are issues picking specific GPUs to train on as well.

Hi Bradley,

Can you please tell us which GPUs you are using ?


GPU 0: 1050 Ti, 4GB
GPU 1: 1050 Ti, 4GB
GPU 2: Tesla K40m, 11GB

I am having a similar issue with 1x1050ti and 2xTesla K10’s. It only recognizes the 1050ti.