Container pulled from NGC results in 502 Bad Gateway

I pulled the docker container image from NVIDIA GPU Cloud to my local server with GPU based on instructions here:

I used the following command to pull it.
$ sudo docker pull

I was able to run the container successfully with the following:
$ sudo nvidia-docker run -d --rm --name deep_learning_studio -p 8880:80 -p 8881:80 -p 8888:8880 -p 8886:8888 -p 8889:3000 -v $HOME/dls/data:/data -v $HOME/dls/database:/home/app/database -v $HOME/dls/keras:/root/.keras -e DLS_EULA_AGREED=y

However, I got the error message below when I accessed http://(IP address):8880:

502 Bad Gateway
nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)

Am I missing something?