Could we have a python 3 object for easy imports?

Given that we can already export our models, it would be nice to have a single python 3 module with a single object where we can just say “this is the directory of the model” and then provide it with data in a python dictionary, getting the returns out in kind. This would make implementing models into programs rather easy.

I mean there is already a file that is exported, but it would be nice if it was a single object for abstraction. Additionally, I really don’t know how to pull the functions I need from the current included python program.

Request for a new category: “feature requests / enhancements” (or something to that nature) (also “Error help” might be another good category)

Thanks for the feedback. Actually, our team is aware about this issue/enhancement and we do plan to bring/abstract most of the code out of as a module in future.

In the meantime, you can use as a reference code to show how to use a trained model.

We will add the feature requests/enhancements category.

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The key issue is probably the lack of comments in the current files. It should be obvious at a quick glance what you need to input into a function.