Cross Validation is not visible on DLS version 3 (Pro Trial)


I was using K-Fold Cross Validation on DLS 2.5 but now even on the Pro Trial of Version 3 on Win10 I can not choose Cross Validation. (It is not available in the drop down list where it was in version 2.5.)
I checked the Video “How to Use Cross Validation on Deep Learning Studio” too, but it is not there.

What can I do, I need this functionality.
Please help me.
Thank You!

By the way, I also can’t find a search function in this forum and the possibility to delete a post. :slight_smile:
If there are those functionalities somewhere please point me to them.
UPDATE: This is the case when using the forum through the local
The search function is available though through the use of the forum via :wink:

Hi @osi,

We’re sorry but now K-fold cross validation is disabled in DLS 3.0 version.

Our team is working on it;and in future release we will enable this feature. We will keep you posted.