Dataset contains NULL values error on Upload Dataset

I successfully uploaded a csv zip file which contains only numeric values but I get the “Dataset contains NULL values” error, when file does not contain null values.

There should be link to open the dataset processing log. It should mention the row indexes where it has detected NULL values (value missing).

Can you share the dataset processing log and if possible sample of dataset around the indexes mentioned in the processing log (if it is mentioned)?

I Have the same issue.

2018-06-30 19:09:55: generating train.csv…
2018-06-30 19:09:55: Found 4 records.
2018-06-30 19:09:55: checking dataset…
2018-06-30 19:09:55: dataset contains NULL values.
2018-06-30 19:09:55: Column ‘Label’ NULL indexes:
[0, 1, 2, 3]
2018-06-30 19:09:55: Column ‘Filename’ NULL indexes:

Uploaded dataset needs to contain train.csv. Seem like your dataset is missing train.csv and system is trying to generate it and facing issues.

Once you include the train.csv file , this error should go away.

THX, now it works. I did not know that this tool is case sensitive (I wrote “Train.csv”)

Even iam facing the same issue. I couldn’t upload my dataset. How did you overcome it.

Hi what’s the issue you are facing. Earlier he was getting that error because he named train.csv as Train.csv.

Hi How can I create a train.csv from a mammographic image analysis society(MIAS) zipped dataset

Hi what is the extension of your images.
If you are using 2d images.
Then your CSV file will contain the images path in one column and label in the other.
DLS also generate CSV file automatically for your dataset if you follow the following folder structure.

|-----------Cat (Folder)
|-----------Dog (Folder)

also you can refer to these videos


This is my log… I’m getting the same error. Data set contains null values

2019-04-11 09:26:07: extracting, please wait!
2019-04-11 09:26:07: Found 714 records.
2019-04-11 09:26:07: checking dataset…
2019-04-11 09:26:07: dataset contains NULL values.
2019-04-11 09:26:07: Column ‘processed input’ NULL indexes:
2019-04-11 09:26:07: Column ‘output labels’ NULL indexes:

According to this error your train.csv file contains null value i.e. no value in column named “output labels”
at 416 row.