Deep Learning Studio 2.1.0 version is available now


We are pleased to announce availability of 2.1.0 version of Deep Learning Studio. It has been deployed on the Desktop version for Linux and Windows is available from our website:

Release Notes:

  1. Performance improvement in training and inference
  2. Inference is now done on GPU where available.
  3. Windows version supports more Nvidia GPU architectures
  4. Community, Videos and Support has been embedded
  5. Bug fixes for some of the issues mentioned in this forum (we will update the list in this thread).


We have also fixed the following issues .

  1. Model Editor - wrong “Model is disconnected” message

and we have also added few new things.

  1. Memorize link between training session (it can be seen under the results configurations)
  2. dataset images can be blown-up by hovering (Inference/deploy and dataset tab)


Thanks a lot guys for all the efforts you put in the new version.