Deep Learning Studio 2.6.0 on macOS (CPU Mode) is now available

Based on the requests from some of the users, we are making Deep Learning Studio available on macOS. The macOS version only supports CPU (no GPU) since nvidia-docker is not available on macOS.

This is a beta release meant for users to try it out and let us know if you are facing any issues.

Deep Learning Studio 2.6.0 (macOS)

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Great! I was just trying this but my mac ran out of storage mid way through installation - where does Deep Learning studio store temp files? I need to delete what was downloaded so I can use my Mac again. THanks!

–update, I ordered a harddrive :slight_smile:

Graylien, during installation, Docker pulls the Deep Learning Studio image which is around 4-5GB (uncompressed).

Following is where Docker stores the images after they are downloaded.


After installation, Deep Learning Studio will use $HOME/Documents/DeepLearningStudio for storing data (this can be changed from settings tab)

AAfter the error occurred during the installation, I get an error and I can not find a solution.

I have removed all Deep Laerning Studio from /Application and installed again nothing changed.

Seems like downloaded docker installer is incomplete.

Can you install Docker manually and start it ?

Docker for macOS

Once docker is running, you can run Deep Learning Studio Manager again to complete the installation.

Yes it worked. Thank you for fast respond.

I still get an error message as

could you please suggest?