Deep Learning Studio 3.0 - RTX 2080 TI

I was thinking about purchasing a Pro subscription because it stated that all NVIDIA cards are support for paralell computer. I have downloaded and installed Deep Learning Studio 3.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 and it has issues recognizing RTX 2080 TI has a GPU and errors out.
I ran the docker version NGC-Deep Cognition with an older version of CUDA and it sucessfully utilized 2 GPUs during training. So my question is why all of the sudden the GPU doesn’t work with the new version 3.0.

Hi Vinhdiesal,

Deeply regret for your inconvenience.

Can you please share the output of this http://<hostname>:<port>/status ?

E.g. :

Thanks and regards,
Sandhaya Kumari

Here is what is displayed:
{“devices”:[{“freq”:1405440000,“id”:0,“index”:0,“mem_free”:11.446601867675781,“mem_total”:15.526676177978516,“name”:“Intel® Core™ i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz”,“percent”:27.1,“type”:“CPU”},{“compute_capabilty”:6.1,“id”:0,“index”:1,“mem_free”:4227727360,“mem_total”:4238737408,“name”:“GeForce MX150”,“percent”:0.25974829153653484,“type”:“GPU”},{“compute_capabilty”:7.5,“id”:1,“index”:2,“mem_free”:9736159232,“mem_total”:11554717696,“name”:“GeForce RTX 2080 Ti”,“percent”:15.738666333921309,“type”:“GPU”}],“driver”:{“deviceCount”:2,“version”:“440.59”},“inuse”:0,“uptime”:“103.43143467200025”}