Deep Learning Studio AMI Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Deep Learning Studio AMI (Amazon Machine Image). The image is made public, now you can search for the AMI and make full use of it.

The required ports range is 8880-8890

Please note: DLS is not currently available on the Amazon Marketplace but soon we will publish it on AWS Marketplace.


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how do I choose this AMI?

@jwendyr Please follow the below steps to launch a instance with the DLS AMI on AWS.

Step 1. Log in to AWS Console and click on EC2 under Compute.

Step 2. Click on Launch Instance button.

Step 3. Select the region US EAST(N. Virginia). Click on Community AMIs and then search for Deep Learning Studio and select the Deep Learning Studio (Latest) AMI.

Step 4. Choose an Instance Type. We recommend p2.xlarge instance, which is having 12GB NVIDIA K80 GPU costs $0.90/hr. You are free to choose other instances.

Step 5. Click on Add Storage tab and enter the storage size. Min 15GB is required.

Step 6. Click on Configure Security Group tab and then select the option Create a new security group. Enter security group name and description. After this, click on Add Rule Button and open the port ranged 8880-8890.

Step 7. Review all your settings and click on Launch button.

Step 8. Select the Create a new key pair option from dropdown. Enter Key pair name and then click on Download Key Pair. After downloading the key file, click on Launch Instance button.

Step 9. In the next screen, click on your instance id.

Step 10. Wait for instance to start and be ready.

Step 11. Connect to deep learning studio from your browser by going to http://<instance ip>:8880/