Desktop LSM doesn't want to install


Starting Deep Learning Studio…
Checking GPU support…
GPU not supported
[22:52:13] downloading CIFAR dataset…
[22:55:30] Downloaded CIFAR dataset.
[22:55:31] downloading IMDB dataset…
[22:55:39] Downloaded IMDB dataset.
initiated datasets repo at: D:\DeepLearningStudio\home\app.pydataset/
Generated dataset: titanic
Generated dataset: iris
Pydatasets installed
[22:55:48] downloading MNIST dataset…
[22:57:08] Downloaded MNIST dataset.
[22:57:08] downloading reuters dataset…
[22:57:11] Downloaded reuters dataset.
Migrations for ‘environments’:
- Create model EnvironmentModel
Migrations for ‘projects’:
- Create model Project
Migrations for ‘project’:
- Create model dataModel
- Create model deepModel
- Create model importModel
- Create model paramsModel
- Create model testModel
- Create model trainingModel
Migrations for ‘automl’:
- Create model AutoMLModel
Using MXNet backend.
D:\DeepLearningStudio\conda3\lib\site-packages\allauth\account\templatetags\ DeprecationWarning: {% load account_tags %} is deprecated, use {% load account %}
D:\DeepLearningStudio\conda3\lib\site-packages\allauth\socialaccount\templatetags\ DeprecationWarning: {% load socialaccount_tags %} is deprecated, use {% load socialaccount %}
" {% load socialaccount %}", DeprecationWarning)

Hi @misiasty3,

It doesn’t seem enough log to analyze the issue. Can you please share complete log from DLS manager?

P.S - Sometimes antivirus prevents some ports or processes to run.

Sandhaya Kumari