DLS Desktop running but doesn't provide login credentials

So I finally managed to get DLS Desktop running on Manjaro Linux. Now DLS manager says “Deep Learning Studio is running.”, gives me a URL and says the GPU is enabled. What it doesn’t provide me is the login credentials. I tried clicking the URL but it led to a login screen. I then signed up and logged in manually. This time clicking on the URL worked. I want to verify: If I reach the workbench via, it means I’m using my own computer, not the cloud? Not even if I had to login to the cloud for me to actually open the workbench?

PS. To get DLS Desktop running on Manjaro with GPU support, I installed the pango-ubuntu AUR package and the nvidia-docker AUR package and I also did:
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo systemctl enable docker
sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
I also had to restart DLS Manager several times before it managed to complete installation, but it appears I had some network connectivity issues.

Hi Phire
Yes you are using your own computer not the cloud version because even in desktop version you need to login using deepcognition account in order to use it.

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