Does DLS has missing values , regression and time series support

I am using DLS from past week. There are few things i would like to ask -

  1. How are the missing values treated in the data, is it just the mean, median of numeric values and mode of categorical values ?
  2. Does DLS support regression ?
  3. Does DLS support time series analysis prediction.
  4. Does it support parsing date formats or we have to do it explicitly before passing the raw data to DLS.
  5. I did not found DLS version 2.0. When it will be releasing officially ?

If someone can clarify this will be appreciated.


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  1. Missing values generate errors while parsing the dataset. Missing values needs to be handled before uploading the dataset. We plan to provide option in DLS in future for handling the missing values.

  2. Regression is supported

  3. DLS supports RNN which can be applied on time series data.

  4. DLS does not parse date format. You can encode them into numbers before uploading.

  5. Version 2.0 is available on our website for both Linux and Windows.

In Addition , Is DLS work with other algorithms like : Random Forest?

DLS does not support Random Forest.

Can we upload data for time (Date) and choose (RNN) as an algorithm in the Modelling Building Section?