Facing a startup error in desktop version of Deep Learning Studio

hello community,
greetings from my side,
As I have installed the desktop version of Deep Learning Studio, i order to know how this platform work , I click on start button in deep learning studio but since 2 hours it showing me this message “Please wait. First time startup can take 5-10 minutes to download public datasets.”
in order to make my problem understand in a better way ,i’m attaching screenshot of logs

could anyone help me in resolving this issue

thanks in advance

As per your error log port 8000 is not available which is why DLS is not able to start properly. Please search port 8000 in this forum. There is another user which had the same issue and was able to resolve it.

sir , i checked that post but that i didn’t understood much from it ,could you please tell me which part of the code on that file i have to changed ,and to which port number i should replace it with

Here are the files which you need to modify:


Search for 8000 in these files and replace with a different free port number.

After the start the Deep Learning Studio.

thank you Sir for the reply,
i’m unable to figure out how to find a different free port number on my system.

You can keep trying randomly by incrementing/decrementing 8000 by 10 (e.g 7980, 7990, 8010, 8020,…) and see which one is working

thanks @rajendra sir ,the 7900 port worked for me .