Got "Error in starting inference. Weight file does not exist"

I’m new to Deep Learning. At the end of the video tutorial “How to create a custom project”, it shows the inference part.
I’m getting “Error in starting inference. Weight file does not exist” at any inference attempt.
I got " ‘arr’ does not have a suitable array shape for any mode.’ " at the very end of the training process, maybe it’s connected.
Thanks in advance. I’m trying to train a model to classify color and black and white old pictures.

I think the reason you are getting error while running inference is because your training might not get completed.
In order to run inference you need to first train the model.
And for the error you got at the end of the training for that can you please share your dataset details and the model configuration that you have used to train the model.
If you are looking for some classification tutorial using DLS you can refer to this link.

or you can also check out example video tutorials on our website


I am trying to follow that same tutorial.

When I run the inference. I get photos with broken links as the output. Has anyone seen this before?

Can you share the snapshot of the data tab, model , training page and inference.
Thank you