GPU Not supported

I’m having a lot of trouble getting DLS to run on my GPU.
I have installed newest versions of DLS, NVidia drivers and CUDA 9.2 (the only bit of CUDA not installed was the Visual Studio support as it was making everything else fail).
The program will run and train, but only on the CPU.

The DLS log says:
Starting Deep Learning Studio…
Checking GPU support…
GPU not supported

I have GeForce GTX 960, Windows 10 Pro.
I have seen other posts here, but nothing is working - please help!


Hi, @phildrew

  1. Uninstall CUDA 9.2, reboot

Option A

  1. Manually install CUDA 9.0 from here
  2. Manually setup cuDNN v7.0, you will be forced to creade NVidia account

Option B

  1. Uninstall DLS, reboot
  2. Install DLS once again, it will install required version of CUDA and cuDNN

I prefer option B

Why do you get that error?
Probably CUDA 9.2 is not fully compatible with cuDNN v7.0, required for Tensorflow, that is required for Keras, that is used as top-level wrapper behind UI (if I am not wrong).

Many thanks for the quick response Ambreaux,

I apologise - it seems I had not read ALL the posts on this topic, and had failed to notice that Cuda 9.2 is incompatible. So I already uninstalled 9.2 and installed 9.0.

I have not done anything specifically with regard to cuDNN, but DLS seems to be working now anyway - so I won’t tough anything else!

All the best,

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