Hands-on tutorials? Paid training?


Thank you for creating such a powerful ML tool and for open-sourcing to the public.

Jeremy Antoniuk mentioned that more detailed training material will be complete this month, which will be a huge benefit for beginners to the tool.

Is any hands-on training available? Perhaps paid tutorials or workshops?

Thank you!

Hello Sidneycarton

We are in process of creating more detailed training material which may be available sometime in Month of July.

Also, we are partnering up with some training institutes and educational organizations where they will be creating detailed training material teaching Deep Learning using our platform. Currently I do not have tentative dates on when those courses will be available but I am anticipating in 6-8 weeks

In the meantime we are trying to publish some use cases through blogs, running webinars

Here are some of the Links that some Deep Learning Studio Users have created that may benefit

Deep Learning Studio Complete Guide

Deep Learning Made Easy with Deep Learning Studio

We are planning to add more videos to our video section on our website

Deep Learning Concepts Curated Videos

I will update the thread when more study material is available



Thank you very much for sharing those resources. The Complete Guide is especially informative, however while it goes through the entire process of model building, it does not explain how to tune hyperparameters, or how to interpret the model as “good enough” for real world use, or whether more tuning is required.

Are there any resources that explain fully how to tune the model, and when to accept the model as “good enough” for implementation? Finally, any examples how to easily apply and use the model in a typical use case scenario?

Thank you again