Headless Setup on Ubuntu

I was trying to set up the desktop version on my virtual machine and got an error “desktop-file-validate is missing.” Can it possible to set up this on a headless server.

Kamaldeep Singh


You can use the following link to download the .DEB package which you can install from the terminal.

DLS Manager 2.5.0(.deb) package

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Thank you Rajendra, Is this is the latest version?

yes. 2.5.0 is the latest version

Hi Rajendra, I am using the AWS instance “p2.xlarge” with image Deep Learning ubuntu AMI. I have set up the headless instance and proxy the traffic using nginx to


  1. In Training Stats, Different objects are not getting refreshed automatically. It looks like the system got freezed but it is not and we have to refresh the browser again and again.
  2. How can i see that the GPU is running because the load and memory is coming as a zero.
  3. Where can i find the logs of dslm?

Kamaldeep Singh

Hi Kamaldeep,

You should not be needing proxy to access DLS running on AWS instance.

Did you try using your http://<AWS instance IP>:8880/app (allow port 8880 to 8890 in firewall)

In any case, the issue is probably because only 8880 port is opened. Once you enable other ports in that range, then both the issues should get resolved.

regarding logs, you can use docker logs -f (docker ps will show the container id).