Hi. How to fix it, while start to train model


Sorry for unusual text writing, there may be some wrong option clicked on fonts related option


My input is image, and output is label, the selected option for input label is shown in above picture.


Hey @shaukathayat can you check your train.csv file once. There might be some noise in the training data.
also can you mail us the csv file along with the data if it is not large otherwise train.csv file work.



Hi rajat.
My question was about the output option “Categorical-10”, so is this correct option in my case?
OR I should change it to other options like Array, Numerical etc .
{“ in my case, I have images as input from 10 different classes”}


Oh sorry i thought you are still asking about that error and yes it’s correct for multi class we use categorical data type for the output



Thank you very much.
You just mention above that may be I have noise in my csv file. What kind of noise it should be? Can you please elaborate little bit, then maybe I should make new csv file for it.


Noise could be like any string label having integer value or may be any of the row in the dataset might have value other than string in the label column.
If you can mail me your csv file and the data then i will be able to understand the reason behind this error.
Thank you


even i make fresh csv file but this time its not uploading and giving no message… strange .
i am attaching my csv file.


Hi i have tried the csv file that you have mailed us. I just change image path because i don’t have those images and that works fine for me.
The reason why the new csv file is not uploading is that you name CSV file as “train.csv.csv”
Name of the file should be only “train” with “.csv” as extension.
otherwise if you follow this format
|-----------Cat (Folder)
|-----------Dog (Folder)

then Deep Learning Studio will automatically generate csv file for you with labels as the folder name like Cat and Dog in the above example.
I hope this will help you.



i follow your instructions, i change the name of file but still not uploading, no error message nor uploading.





The data file is uploaded but it gives the following message in the below picture


NULL Values, the red one.


you are uploading data folder along with train.csv file as rar file you have to upload it as zip file.
Follow this video instructions for that and since it just a 20mb file can you mail your dataset and Csv file.



thank you. i follow it and upload it. but this time displaying name of folder with label. also pictures not displayed in shuffled form. please see the image. I am attaching my CSV file and dataset too.


FileNotFoundError : [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ??

I got the above error message when Designing Model also the Dataset is displayed like this (no image shown)



Hi this type of error comes when the file path is not correct in the csv file.
I got your mail will get back to you after checking all the errors and with a solution soon.



Hey I just saw your csv file the reason why the image is not loading is because of the wrong image path.
For eg:
This is the path that you have entered in the csv file.
But there is no image with the name apple(385).jpg in the folder.
File path should be like ./apple/385.png since your file name is just “385”
So path should be like

Also 1 more thing since all your folders are inside fly folder so for your case the image path will become
So the best thing would be that you just move all the files out of the fly folder and remove that fly folder.
I am preparing a correct csv file for you and will upload it here for your reference.

P.s: If you don’t want to make a csv file best method would be directly upload the Zip file without a csv file and let DLS do the rest work for you.
But remember your all the folders should be directly inside the zip folder.
Earlier 1 more mistake that you have done is that your zip is like this
|-----------Apple (Folder)
|-----------Ant (Folder)
Due to which label become like this

There should be no fly folder.
Your zip file should look like this:

Then only DLS will generate a csv file which gives you this output


File not Found Error

Here is the Csv file for the dataset that you have mailed us.

To use this csv file.
This file along with all the others folders should be directly inside the Zip file as i told you earlier because file path is ./airplane/29.png
not ./fly/airplane/29.png



Yes , very detailed and helpful. solved . thank you very much.

Best Regards