How can I change the data directory?


I’m a computer teacher and I want to use DLS for practical training.
To do this, I first install DLS on all the computers.
Now, my students create an account and try to lauch the desktop version of DLS but some get this error :

This DLS installation is registered with another user account. Choose a different data directory to continue with your account.

If you click on the OK button, the message window popup again and again.

From the Settings tab, I try to change the Data Folder (C:\DeepLearningStudio\data) but it is disabled so impossible to change.

What is this “data directory” and how can I change it for a new user?

Best reagrds,


Hi you are getting this error because Desktop version can be used with only single user.
So the account you have used for the first time after the installation should be used only.
So reinstall the software if you want to use different id.