How to provide stride and Pad parameters values for different Layers

Hi , how i can choose STRIDE and PAD for Conv and Maxpool and to Dense layers in GUI model environment? there i didnt saw any option for it.

during model design, we can see the following options for above mentioned layers.

  1. Conv layer:
    we can choose Row Filters, Filer Number, and Column Filters (and some advance option) but no STRIDE or PAD option availble.
  2. MaxPool:
    we can choose Pool Size but i cant choose Stride and pad options
    3: Dense/Fully connected Layer:
    only we can choose output dimension here, bot for stride, filter sizes, filter number , i cant saw it.

Please anyone guide me
Thank you

Hey i guess my reply to your previous post will also solve this problem.
In the show advance options tab you can find all the other features required.
For example you can apply stride in max pooling layer like this