How to use different ports on startup?

When launching, DLS checks if some ports are free. I have a process running that uses the port 8884, so the startup of the DLS server halts with the following message:

Checking following ports:
[8880, 8881, 8882, 8883, 8884, 8885, 8886, 8887, 8888, 8889, 8890, 8891, 8892, 8893, 8894]
========== Following ports are not free:- ==========
|| 8884 ||>Exiting

I can’t free the port 8884 to DLS. What should I do to launch the software?

Hi @beling86,

You can change the port number from DLS Manager.

Follow these steps to change port number -

  1. Start DLS from “DLS Manager”
  2. Switch to “settings” tab in DLS Manager and change the Port Number

e.g. :-

Sandhaya Kumari