Hyper Parameters Section Error

Currently your dataset looks correct at this location E:\Tensor Flow R\District Driver\imgs\train.

I believe the one inside the DLS which you uploaded earlier is not correct which is why you are not able to see the images.

You can delete the earlier uploaded dataset from File Browser or the datasets tab. Once dataset is deleted, you can drag train folder from E:\Tensor Flow R\District Driver\imgs\ to /1/datasets/ folder in File Browser.

Sorry For the Question again :slight_smile:

This message comes when I delete the Dataset from Deep learning Studio :

FileNotFoundError : File b’X:\XXXXXX\Deep Learning Studio\/data/1/datasets/train/train.csv’ does not exist

Is that means I have to write this address (Exact prefix) inside the (train.csv) file?

No, You don’t need to write that prefix inside the train.csv. Please share the snapshot of following folder in your Window Explorer.

X:\XXXXXX\Deep Learning Studio\data\1\datasets\train

Do you see train.csv inside this folder ?

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After Deleting the (csv) on the deep learning studio the two screenshots display the current situation:

The Above represents the Physical location after removing (img/train) directory (./cx/file.jpg) , I need your advice?

In General, the process is very complicated and missleading for new users and need to be more simple to make your product quality better.

This the location where deep learning studio installed on my machine.

Thank you so much it works now , I understood the concept now for uploading custom dataset.