HyperParameters - Loss function - How does the "custom_loss_function" work?

When setting the Loss function to “custom_loss_function” and starting the training, the following error happens:
So I assume a customLoss.py file needs to be provided.

Could explain what that file should contain and if there is any specific requirement ? And exemple file would be nice to have.

customLoss.py needs to have loss function(s). The syntax of loss function is same as Keras standard loss functions (https://github.com/keras-team/keras/blob/1.2.2/keras/objectives.py)

You can have multiple loss functions in customLoss.py and these can be used across different projects.

On HyperParameters tab, after selecting custom_loss_function in dropdown, user needs to provide the “function name” in a form field (hidden by default).

Looks like hidden form field is not appearing in the latest release. so you may not be able to use it for now. We will file a bug report for this.

Thanks a lot for all the info. I’ll give a try soon.