In Training Tab - selection of param values get lost when browsing other tab

In the Training tab - It would be nice if the selections mad for the parameter values would be kept when browsing other tabs. Or maybe there should be a global option that Keep selected param values when the user goes from one tab to another. This use case can happen when a user need starts setting param value but then need to check other param values before starting a training.

Agreed. We will file a request for this enhancement.

Thanks. I think it is also useful when switching from the Training tab to the Result tab. For now the result set selected to be displayed are lost when switching tab. Since DLS actually allow for multiple task to be done, like training and checking results, one can monitor a live training and compare the performance with previous results. That’s a great feature.

Suggestion: When the display is on the Result tab and the current “live” learning curve is displayed, it would be nice if it could be draw “live” on the Result tab. For now that is not the case.

These are good suggestions. We will include these in the enhancement request.

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