Installation of the Desktop Edition on Ubuntu16.4 Container

Hi ,
i have downloaded the Desktop Edition for installation on Ubuntu 16.04 Container please let me know how can i install it.


Deep Learning Studio Desktop version is not supported to work from a docker container.

Are you looking to install multiple instances of Deep Learning Studio on a single system?

i installed desktop edition in windows pc for testing purpose it was working fine. now i am trying to install on ubuntu container because i have a GPUs facility in container.

so let me know i can i take the advantage of desktop edition using container.

The Desktop version requires X subsystem which is not available inside docker container

Second issue is that Deep Learning studio runs inside docker container itself and for GPU support it uses nvidia-docker software. I believe nvidia-docker doesn’t work as it is inside a docker container.

ok let me know how can i install deep learning studio desktop version step by step .
e.g installation of ubuntu
e.g installation of docker engine …

Danish, If you want to install deep learning studio outside the container,

  1. Download the Deep Learning Studio Desktop for Linux from our website.

  2. Set executable permission on the downloaded file (chmod +x )

  3. Double click the downloaded file and it will install dependencies and deep learning studio.

ok sir, i ll do it, and let you know if meet any problem.

i did as per your guidance , but when i double click the DL-studio file nothing is happening.
so what should i do?

Hi, now finally i got a host machine with GPU 12 GB 1080Ti , can you lemme know how can i install DL-Studio in this host machine, i have installed ubuntu 16.04.2 .

i did download DL-Studio and tried to run but no respond…

It seems you are running AppImage inside ssh environment. DLS AppImage is a GUI software and will not work from SSH.

You can use the DEB package to install DLS from SSH/terminal. Here is the link.

it seems error…
now what should i do sir???

Are you running this command inside the docker container ?

To run DLS inside the docker container, your docker container have be run outer container with extra privileges (starting with --privileged=true ) and then install DLS in that container.