Installation Taking > 30 mins


I am new to Deep Learning Studio and I have first started by installing all the required environments (Python3, TensorFlow, KERAS). However, even installation of Python3 is taking >30 minutes.

Is this expected, because Python gets set up on a fresh system in like 10 minutes?

If this is expected, then this question is just out here for all the future users of this amazing product to know that, yes, it takes a while to set up, but then it’s pretty swift.


Hi Adhish,

Yes, installing environment does take time. The python environment is not a basic environment. It has many additional packages (~140 packages) which may be useful for deep learning / machine learning. We plan to optimize the install process in future along with mentioning the ETA time.

Installation in desktop version should be relatively faster as install is happening on a local disk (compared to network disk in case of cloud)


installation time is also consumed from available 2hrs free time of Computing usage and is chargeable??

Yes. Whenever a dedicated instance is launched for your account, it is chargeable after initial 2 hours.