Is there an area where I can just HIRE someone to tweak your LSTM net to my particular needs?

I want to swap out the ‘ensemble’ we use as the decision making component of our existing financial indicator, with the LSTM model you have here.

Deepcognition looks capable of doing everything I need, but I don’t actually know enough about what I’m doing, to even give it the data I have, in the format it needs, nor tweak it, so it will give me back, the output I want (or even understand).

In short, I’m not a data scientist, and yes I watched several videos and read the article on LTSM noted within the studio, on that subject. But I’m still dead in the water, and need more than help; I need someone to actually ‘do’, and turn my ideas into a model, and teach me how to drive it once it’s up and running.

I’ve AUDITED exactly 1.5 python classes, if that helps you gauge my ability in this area :grin: