Load data set help

How would I go about loading 3 large data sets which are csv files.
Each csv file contains 37 channels of data that are in the form of vertical columns:
Time Channel 1 Time Channel 2 Time Channel 3 etc…

You can upload only 1 csv file at a time.
Text dataset with different features
In this type of dataset all the features should be in a separate column with the first row as the label/name of the feature.

You don’t need to convert string column into integer as Deep Learning Studio will automatically do that work for you.
Save the CSV file as “train.csv”.
Finally add this csv file to zip file.

To upload your own dataset, follow the 4 steps below to load your <1GB zipped dataset into Deep Learning Studio.
Run the Deep Learning Studio and go to Datasets tab.
Click on the upload data icon in MY DATASETS option.
Select the file

Your dataset will be available as (relevant name) under the “Data” tab within a project page.