Load Previous Weights: Redefinition of variable uniform1


I wanted to use the “Load Previous Weights” option of the train Tab in Studio.
I firste trained a model with 32x32 images, and wanted then use this Run as “Previous Weithts” for a new train, based on 64x64 images.
But I got error “Redefinition of variable uniform1”.

Update: Ok. I think this option is probably not here to use pre-trained models :-).

So the real question is: how can I use one of my trained models as a piece of a new model, like discribe above?

Sorry: problem solved. Find the “+”-Button in model-Tab to add my own model :-).

Thank you.


Hey Ly Ranis
The reason behind the error "Redefinition of variable uniform 1 " is that if you want to reload the previous run weights then you should keep the image size same.
Thank you

Ok, Thank you!
So for my use case, I have to load my model and use it as a pre-trained model I assume.
I tried this but get the error “KeyError: ‘class_name’”.
See Trouble using a Custom Pre-Trained model
Thank you !

Hey you must be adding the configuration.yaml file which is not a model.yaml file.
This file is used to add custom model directly in DLS from this option

“Upload Model”
if you want to use the custom pretrained model then as you can see in that post you have to convert the model.h5 file in yaml file.
I will soon share a tutorial with you on how to do that task.
Thank you

All right! Thank you for your help and preparing the tuto.