Meaning of number of units in lstm and reshaping

hello guys, need some help here
how do you determine the number of units used in an lstm model?
when using reshape whats difference between (13,1) and (1,13)?

Hi John,

In a LSTM model, the input units should match your input, for the LSTM layer it can be of any value in the powers of 2 and for the output layer it should match the shape of your desired output.

The difference between (13,1) and (1,13) is that (13,1) means 13 rows and 1 column whereas (1,13) means 1 row with 13 columns.


thank you so much for the clarification
Another question, iwhats the difference between the LSTM model and LSTM layer, you have mentioned?

Hi John

LSTM model is the entire deep learning model which would consist of at least 3 layers which are an input layer and hidden lstm layer and an output layer. by lstm layer, we mean the single LSTM layer.