Module 'scipy.misc' has no attribute 'imsave'

I cannot seem to get one of my models working. It’s supposed to spit out an image after going through a series of 2d trans convolutional layers (and other stuff), but the point is that when I run an inference it gives me this error.

AttributeError(“Module ‘scipy.misc’ has no attribute ‘imsave’”)

And I have gone through and I have figured out how I can deal with it on the code side, but it’s a headache to do so. Any thoughts on what I might do to fix it in DLS?

Hi Jeff,

Can you please tell us which DLS version you have?



It looks like the version of scipy installed in …/nn_dls_env/Lib/site-packages was too new. It had 1.4.1 (I think) installed there, and this was causing the issue. I replaced it with an earlier version, before the imsave method had been deprecated, and…while it’s not quite working, yet (more to do with my model!) it’s not crashing because of a Python library.

Hi Jeff,

Can you please share the model configurations and sample dataset at, so

that we can recreate the error and will come back to you.