Multiple user accounts on a single desktop instance

Hi there,

A colleague is getting this message trying to log in with their own account, do this mean that the Desktop installation cannot be shared with another user?

“This dls installation is registered with another user account. CHoose another different directory to continue with your account”


Yes since in DLS projects are stored according to the user if you want to use different user then you have to use different directory for storing projects.

Thanks Rajat, looks like the process cannot be performed remotely, the message

“This DLS installation is registered with another user account. Choose a different data directory to continue with your account.”

Than blocking popup repeats infinitely and blocks any further operation after login. From the other side there’s an informational field named “data folder” on “Studio Manager” so, how could we change the data directory?. (I’m assuming that you can have more than one user (online or selectable) on a desktop installation, maybe I’m wrong on this.

Thanks for the information and your time!

You must having a windows os system. In windows DLS supports only 1 user and in linux it is possible but it has to be launched by different users in their logins.
Bottom line is that single DLS instance does not support multiple accounts.