Nginx not starting

New to this software so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what. When I install the software there are no errors but when I start it the process hangs at “Waiting for Deep Learning Studio to start at”. When I open a new terminal and check the status it says everything is running but nginx is not and the only error I can find is in the “nginx-stdout—deep_learning_studio-1tkl9bpm.log” which is “nginx: [emerg] getgrnam(“nobody”) failed”.
Any help would be appreciated

Hi @Victini517,

Can you please share the following details:

  1. OS name, OS version
  2. DLS version

PS:- Please verify firewall/antivirus is not blocking any process/program.


OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
DLS version: 3.0.1

Hi @Victini517,

Can you please follow the below steps:

  1. Edit the ngnix.conf from this path
    <DLS Folder>/program_dist/deep_learning_studio/nginx_conf/nginx/nginx.conf
  2. Add this line in the beginning of file
    user nobody nogroup;

Let me have your feedback that this works for you or not.


Now it works. I reinstalled the whole thing and it works perfectly. The problem was that I installed it using sudo which meant that the files that were installed required root access to work which is why nginx wasn’t working.
Thank you for the help

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