Plugins install failed

I tried to install Keras and Keras-gpu plugins but failed, detailed pieces of information are as follows.

As the error indicate, I need to upgrade pip, but how can I do it in this application?

Hi Skywalker,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Probably within a week we will release new DLS build with bug fixes.

I would suggest you to wait for new build and will let you know once it’s release.


You answer me year ago and the problem persist. Keras keras-gpu mxnet mxnet-gpu. All have problems with pip. Pls update

Hi Alfax,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This issue has been resolved in the latest version of Deep Learning Studio. Please download and install it from our official website link : .

Hope this helps you.


Tnks all solved.
Last problem: in H2O environment after installation the kernel do no start

Hi Alfax,

We are looking into your issue and we will notify you once it is resolved.