Port 8888 stays locked after stopping session


on Ubuntu, after I stop a session, port 8888 and others are still locked for Deep Cognition Studio. I even uninstalled the studio, the ports are still locked. I looked at the PID, and found docker is running on the background. I stopped docker (using “service docker stop”), then the ports were freed. Though when I use “docker ps”, I don’t see the process/container running…

It seems like that there is a script running in the background and it runs at boot time under /run/docker and it was never removed even after uninstalling the studio. Can you please advice how can I remove the script? I was only testing the studio and now it’s locking my ports …

We do not install any boot script to start the deep learning studio on boot. So it is most likely some other processing using 8888 port. You can try running netstat command to see which process is using 8888 port.

sudo netstat -lntp |grep 8888

Hi Rajendra,

Thank you for the response.

I thought it was a boot script because when I go to http://localhost:8888, it was showing the Deep Cognition Studio. And when I turned stopped docker, it doesn’t show anymore… Though when I restart my computer or start docker service again, it show the studio again if I go to http://localhost:8888

Anyway, I did a lot of things to remove it but I believe it was cached on the browser because after I deleted the cache, the issue disappeared… and most likely some of the cache files had a reference to /run/docker directory which is only available if docker is running.

I noticed that the Studio uses multiple ports other than 8880 and 8888, could you please tell me which ports the Studio is using? In the setting tab, there is only one port showing so I’m wondering what are the others.

Deep Learning Studio uses the base port mentioned in the settings tab (8880) + next 10 ports (up to 8890). These ports are used by compute server, file browser, Jupyter notebook and environment IDE.

Thanks! that’s helpful to know.