Projects missing after update to DLS 2.5.0

I just installed to DLS 2.5.0 (uninstalled 2.1.0 before) and put my /data/1/ folder back in place.
When I now start DLS, it finds my datasets, but not my projects, and therefore my previous runs.

Any ideas?

Did you delete the DLS installation folder after the uninstall or install it in some other location. When you uninstall the DLS, it doesn’t delete the database located in < DLS_INSTALL_FOLDER >\home\app\database. Old database file must be present for projects to appear in DLS.

I’m on Windows, so I’m assuming it’s < DLS_INSTALL_FOLDER >\data instead?

I did install the new version in another location. Then moved the old data folder to the new location. Only thh datasets show up, not the projects.

Meanwhile, I just recreated the project in DLS 2.5.0 with the old dataset, and that works now… but still, I don’t know, why it didn’t show my old projects as well.

Data folder contains the files related to projects, datasets and environments but does not contain the database file and that is the reason for your projects not showing up in DLS. Database file is required for projects to show up in the DLS.

If you still have the access to old DLS installation folder then you can copy the db.sqlite3 file from <DLS_INSTALL_FOLDER>\home\database folder and paste it to the new location of DLS and restart the DLS.

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Thank you.

I found the db.sqlite3 file in “DeepLearningStudio_old\home\app\database”.

Since my new project in DLS 2.5.0 is already giving better results than the old one, I will not replace the new database. But I will keep this in mind the next time DLS gets an update.