RESULTS tab : general problem of display refresh

When browsing/deleting results in the RESULTS tab, I’ve experience quite a few problem of refresh of the display:

  • when displaying results, after selecting a result the graphs will not diplay
  • when deleting results, the display is not refreshed though the result set is deleted (need to refresh web page to see it)
  • when comparing several set of results, some results set will not be displayed.

When user selects a run, there is some delay in showing the graph because system needs to fetch the train log data and do some computing before displaying.

Display not refreshed on deleting a result is an issue. We will file a bug internally for that.

On the last one, we will try to reproduce it.

Ok for the first one I have experience that: loading after a while.

For the last I will also try to reproduce it “consistently”.

Thanks for the answers.

I’ve been able to reproduce the problem with the display refresh of the results curve. It goes funny after a result set is deleted. A result set can be displayed when it is not selected or not displayed when it is selected. The functionning goes back to normal after refreshing the Web page.