Semantics of Save "Epoch End"/"Best Accuracy"

Please elaborate on what the model saving options mean:
(1) End of Epoch: Is the saved model always the one of the last finished epoch?
(2) Best Accuracy: Best validation accuracy, I suppose, and saved on end of epoch?
So, if I want to retain the model with best performance I should select “best accuracy”? Is there a way to save both, the last and the best model? This might be helpful to improve architectures that start overfitting.

You want to save both the weights for last epoch and best accuracy?
No you can’t do this since it will save only 1 weight for 1 run.
If you want you can save first model with best accuracy.
In the training tab you can see the epoch number which have the best accuracy.
If you want to save weight after that epoch then load those weights from the Load previous weight option and train your model for few more epochs and this save the weights for last epoch.