Soda Bottle Identification Challenge


Hmm, so the users of desktop software has lower chance to win?
Will you release an update with the fix for thes dekstop users before the competition ends?


I don’t think so. That is a bug in the software, how would that effect evaluation on their test data


@rajendra Sir, please see what’s going on. Why it’s getting so late in evaluation


We have made some changes and submissions will be processed much faster now. One of your submission is already processed.


Yeah just now I received mail sir. Thank you


The bug is only when pretrained model is used, so if you aren’t using it, you are still in the race with equal chances to win :sparkles:

And about the issue, we will soon fix this bug and keep you posted.


Hi! @Architha, I need a clarification regarding the prize. Will the prize be given in form of credits on cloud or in form of money?


@Architha, Yea even i had the same question as @swap_neil


A have switched to cloud and it is a wonderful experince :slight_smile: (app is instantly usable, easy to switch GPU instance ON/OFF, no fan noise ;), and if somebody already tried some pretrained network on the desktop the free 2h can be enough)

I found some useful tips in this video about network training (5th place Kaggle competition):


Prizes will be money. Please check all the rules as we will be distributing cash prizes based on the rules mentioned



It says package is already installed


@krishnaadithya You can change your code to import cv2 directly (instead of from . import cv2 , you can do import cv2)


@horvathj, @Architha

While we are working on releasing the next version with the fix, here is the patch mentioned in this thread to fix the issue temporarily.


I did import cv2

from . import cv2 is some back ground code
that is the error I get

and is there now way for us to use the keras 2 codes?


Hey deepgcntion team,

just a quick hint.

Currently it is possible do start submitten a file even though I am not logged in. After uploading I get the message that I need to be logged in to sumbit( green colored, as if I uploaded the file sucessfully).

After loggin in, I am back on the deepcognition main page. After this process its not clear to me if I submitted my model or not.

Would be nice, to get an error message bevor the uploading start, quoting I need to log in first.


Thanks for the feedback. We will improve it before the next competition.


why am i always getting 0.125 score despite the model accuracy above 0.95?


check this thread:


do i need to run the same model once more after these changes before submission ?


yes, you need to train the model again after making the changes.