Soda Bottle Identification Challenge


Same behaviour for having reached maximun submissions. Only showing the message after submitting a file :wink:


@muba @rajendra I am facing the same problem with my desktop app. When the same model is trained on cloud, it does not show 0.125. Please look into the matter.


Hi, how can I contact with you sending a private message? Thank you.


Have you made changes in your desktop app as per the details mentioned in the other thread ?

If you are using Linux or Windows Desktop version ?


Mail us:


I have mailed to this email address about two days ago.
But it did not response with it.
Or please check the inbox of your email address?
Thank you.


Any update about the competition?


@horvathj Yea, it was announced on LinkedIn.
The winners should be getting emails soon…


Competition Announcement Post Created on Community. Please check

Also, emails ( To the email that you used for submitting model) were sent out today. In case you didn’t receive then please check your junk folder


Hello Sir,
My name is not on list of winners?
Can I know why?
My model accuracy was 90%


@techwiz we will check and get back to you.


Waiting for your reply sir.


Dear @techwiz,
Sincere apologies for this as there was some mix up from our side regarding prize, just in your case, and we will reach out to you soon over email.
Congratulations !



Thanks for query and quick response.
Will be waiting for mail.
Thanks for hosting competition , it was a good learning experience.
Loved deep cognition UI.



Will the official test dataset open for us?


Hello Ma’am,

i didn’t receive any mail yet about the prize and other details about the competition. Please do have look on this issue.
Hoping for quick reply and response.




You don’t have to worry, you will receive the mail soon.


No, we dont plan to open the test dataset.

Test Set for Soda Bottle Identification

Is there a way to test model on the test set?


No. There is no way to evaluate the models on the test set now.