Some resource has been exhausted

Hello I have tried to do everything. But after starting my training and running for one epoch I get
error “some resource has been exhausted”. Could you please guide me regarding this error and why I am getting this with my dataset and model??

Hi lekshmy,

It looks like this error caused due to larger image size or batch size. Can you please try again to train your model after reducing the image size and batch size .

You can resize the input size of the image from the Data tab in DLS. To resize the input image follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the image Column in the Data tab, on the right side you will get the image options to normalize and resize.

  2. Click on Resize and enter the width & height input.

  3. Build the model, tune hyperparameters and Start training

If still you face any error then kindly send us your sample dataset and model configurations at .