System Hangs when DLS is started on Ubuntu

I have installed DLS on Ubuntu 18.04, initially, my GPU version was mismatched but I was able to start DLS, but after starting of DLS my system becomes slower. I thought maybe it was because CPU utilization was too much, so I update my NVidia driver to use GPU, now as I start the DLS my system become very slow, as soon DLS is fully started my system totally freezes, I can’t do anything, I have to forcefully shut it down, that’s why I can’t even see the logs. What should I do?
P.S - This system is i3-3rd gen, with 4gb of RAM, and Nvidia 520MX GPU.

Your system specs does not meet the recommended requirements. DLS requires 4GB+ free memory. Since your total system memory is 4GB, DLS will only have 1-2GB available for its own use.

Your system is probably doing lot of swapping once you start the DLS, causing whole system to slow down.