Training process exited abnormly

i try to train the model but a warning error show:
Training process exited abnormly.
what happen?

Training process may exit abruptly if the model is too big to fit in GPU memory or system memory. Reduce your model size, batch size or image size.

Please resize the input images, when the code crashes it shows this error.

I’m using the reshape block to reshape but it shows the following error

ValueError : total size of new array must be unchanged

Can you please help with this.

Reshape will not help in reducing the image dimensions. Reshape will shape from (X1,X2,X3) to (Y1, Y2, Y3) shape given X1* X2* X3 = Y1* Y2 *Y3.

To reduce the image size, you can go to data tab, click on image column and choose resize parameters.