Trouble uploading fashion mnist dataset

Hi Community
actually, I’m facing trouble uploading the fashion_mnist dataset, I’m unable to understand what causing the problem because it is available in the same format as MNIST dataset,
the image below i think can provide you clear picture.

please look onto my problem, and guide me how I can resolve it

thanks in advance

The error means that there are some columns in train.csv file which doesn’t have any value. If you are not able to figure it out, you can share you train.csv here.

actually, i download the data directly from this github repo “get the data” section
and after extracting each of the four files I kept all the extracted file at one place and converted them into a zip file, i hope this infomation might help you in resolving my issue
thanks for your time

Navin, please visit our videos section and see how to upload a custom dataset. You will need to prepare train.csv file having paths to all the files and labels.

sir, i found two file one is train.csv and other one is test.csv from kaggle please do let me know can i use these files in Deep Learning Studio (train.csv) (test.csv)

Naveen, You can look at the MNIST dataset folder in Deep Learning Studio. It is located in \data\public\datasets\mnist (in Windows).

If you can create similar folder as mnist for your dataset, then you can zip the folder and upload via Deep Learning Studio.

I created the dataset as instructed in the video,then after uploading dataset i’m getting this error,despite the fact i checked this file is in the dataset,

could anyone pin point what i’m doing wrong

can you provide the hyperlink of broken and visible images ?

Also can you provide a snapshot of F_MNIST/8 folder showing 1707.jpg file.

Sir, thanks for a reply
here is the link to the zip file I created

snapshot which you asked for

could anyone had an idea what must had gone wrong, why i’m facing such issue

Hi @naveen17 .
I went through your zip file .It looks like filename has leading space " (1707).jpg" .
What you need to do remove the leading spaces from filename or add leading space in filename in train.csv

Hi @santosh
thank you very much for finding time to solve my problem. I corrected my mistake now everything seems so fine
thank you once again i really appreciate your effort in solving my problem.