Ubuntu 16.10 issue


So I did a TERRIBLE mistake and somehow upgraded to 16.10 a while back in one of the computers. It seems that I can’t install DLS since docker-ce installation is failing with this error message:

Error in downloading. Failed URL:https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/deep-learning-studio-manager/docker/docker-ce_17.03.2~ce-0~ubuntu-yakkety_amd64.deb

I did read on the docker-ce documentation that 16.10 is not one of the supported distributions so is it correct to assume there is no way of bypassing this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Theodore,

This file was missing on our server. We have uploaded it. Can you try again ?


Thanks Rajendra.

Will be restarting soon and checking it out!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Thanks docker downloaded nicely! I am now having issues with completing the install however. The connection seems to freeze after a few minutes. Not just the link to DLS download but my internet connection itself. At first I thought it was a docker issue, since I saw there was a network bridge created at some point. But now I don’t see the bridge anymore when downloading and the download still stops, along with my connection, after a couple of minutes.

I will keep trying, hopefully I can make it work. Thanks!

P.S.: Windows installation, of 1.5.0 was done with no issues in the same connection.

DLS image is around 2GB (compressed) for Linux while we don’t use Docker on windows so there is no extra download (except CUDA).

You can try downloading the DLS image using docker pull command to better see the download progress.

docker pull deepcognitionlabs/deep-learning-studio:2.0.0 (assuming you are using latest release)

Once image is downloaded, you can relaunch DLS manager app to continue with installation.

Thanks Rajendra, seems I managed to make it work! It’s probably unrelated to DLS and more related to my wireless adaptors.

Working as intended now.