Ubuntu 18.04 gpu load 0%

Hey there
I just installed the latest nvidia driver. well, actually the one proposed by you guys, 384.111 and the deep learning studio starts perfectly and everything seems to work as it should. but as soon as i run any model, it tells me the gpu load is at 0% and when i check the output of nvidia-smi, nothing shows up. how can i fix this?
I am using Ubuntu 18.04
Thanks in advance

Hi Bratwolf,

Our current release was tested on Ubuntu 16.04 with 384.111 driver.

Internally we are able to run Deep Learning Studio on Ubuntu 18.04 using 390.48 driver (installed using apt-get) and nvidia-smi and the gpu load usage is working fine.

Could you try 390.48 driver on Ubuntu 18.04 ?


already did that. had the same problems… I think the problem lies at nvidia-smi, cause the temperature seems to change how it should.