Unable to run Rajats 3dmnist tutorial

This is w.r.t. 3dmnist tutorial from Rajat at 3-D MNIST with Deep Learning Studio

I have installed DLS desktop on ubuntu 16.04. by downloading the executable and performing the instructions as shown by the installer.

I am able to run DLS basic mnist example(with 2d images). But I dont see any 3d convolution or pooling layers on the left panel.

Do I have to install theano backend from the DLS Pre-configured Environments which lists caffe, tensorflow etc?

Also the dataset link in rajats tutorial [https://drive.google.com/open?id=14nJfmle1ze3mTxMJdz9az6PNwkzvQ07r] is to a flower dataset and not the 3D MNIST dataset.

you have to click on advance layer option in order to view all the layers.
Also I have updated the link to download 3-d MNIST dataset.